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Good day and night solar sailors and sky surfers of the future!👽🚀🏄‍♀️🏄‍♂️🚀👽Halloween is creeping in upon the universe!🎃🎃🎃 On some worlds, beyond our solar system, Halloween is very much like it is here on our water world!🌎🌍🌏 Costumes are pretty wild! And, the parties and celebrations can last a month in some parts of space! Oh man yeah!!! 👽🎃👽🎃👽

As I was lifting off from the space pad🛸🛸🛸 headed for Proxima Centauri b a sweet little exoplanet in the Alpha Centauri star system✨✨✨ behind the red dwarf star 💥💥💥Proxima Centauri a new transmission from the Ant Bee🐜🐝 (aka) Billy James of GlassOnyonPR that a show at the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland added Uncle Roy and the Band From Another Planet to their playlist!👽😀👽It's cool to know that some of my sounds are getting around the world while I'm flying around the cosmos!

So, being a happy hybrid alien life form (H.A.L.F.) who loves to share all things music, 👽🎼👽here's the playlist and link to the station below...I'm #14 on the list as you go down the list! Grand Funk Railroad is even on this list!! Their tune, 'Foot Stompin' Music' just roars! I love GFR!!!👽😀👽Oh man yeah!!! In fact the band Hawkestrel at #13 was a project Ginger Baker played in with members of the band Hawkwind..His playing is legendary amongst the musicians in the universe..🥁🥁🥁


Here's the playlist:

Subject: RH more US airplay: : Displaying playlist for WMUC's weekly Punk Punk Goose on 10/5/2019


Here's a playlist from WMUC FM in MD USA....this past Saturday's show


Displaying playlist for Punk Punk Goose on 2019-10-05 22:00:00
# Track Artist Album / Comment


1 I'm On Fire (Bruce cover) Barry Hay, JB Meijers ~ 2019 single ~
2 Tell me Dan McCafferty ~ 2019 single ~
3 Sinful Man Dave Tattum & the Rattlesnake Bones s/t
4 I'm A Dick (Single Version) The Muffs Kaboodle
5 Teenage Depression Eddie & the Hot Rods Teenage Depression
6 Angels of Dirt & Beasts of Rebellion Darkmoon Warrior Angels of dirt & beasts of rebellion
7 The Ecstasy By Force Hell's Denizen
8 Question In my Head Boayt visit:
9 Self Inflicted Hammered Hulls s/t
10 Violent Nature Mindfield visit:
11 Crucify All The Leaders Janus Stark (2019 full length)
12 Shine On Sinner Santa Muerte
13 Nyx Of Khaos Hawkestrel The Future Is Us

14 Father time Uncle Roy (Roy Leonard Herman) 's Spaceship SAVE THE UNIVERSE
15 Over my head Angel Risen
16 Footstompin' Music (Detroit '71) Grand Funk Railroad Live The 1971 Tour
17 Useless information the Brutalists We Are Not Here to Help
18 B52G The Tea Set Back In Time For Tea
19 Don't Let Go Willie Hines Letters to Maria
20 Totem (instr) Shob Solide
21 Smoky Nights Jennifer Saran Smoky Nights
22 California Water Derwood Andrews Tone Poet Smash Hits
23 Big Sky Babel Wallace Planet Pop
24 Unlovable (remix) Steve Counsel (alum of Puncture, Miles Over Matter) ~ 2019 single ~
25 The Swarm Theatre Of Hate i.Sensou 10"
26 English Wipeout 999 The Biggest Prize In Sport
27 Side Effect Brick visit:
28 One Mouth Two Faces Infrared Back to the Warehouse EP
29 Waffle Woman The Toy Dolls Episode XIII
30 We Aren't the Champions Pardon Us Wait

Okay everyone! Have a beautiful day and night under the twilight!🌟🌟🌟The sky has no limits..the universe it just never ends...
It's time to fly...🚀🚀🚀
Cheers and peace always, 
Uncle R👽Y

Hello to all you peace loving and music loving terrestrials everywhere! On August 31, 2019 I picked up a radio signal from the Earth while decelerating through the layers of atmospheric regions above the planet.  As I was  zipping through the lower region of the Earth's atmosphere, the transmissions signal was pinpointed to be coming from a site called, from a radio broadcast on that site called, Aquarian Moons. This is broadcast, #162, 8/31/19. They were playing U.R. and the B.F.A.P. and  U.R.S. tunes!!!  It is the very first time music from the albums were ever on the radio airwaves throughout the universe! The Electric Gypsy, the host of Aquarian Moons, said some very nice words before and after he played the music to all who were listening in the cosmos. Float over to the Aquarian Moons radio broadcast on for a listen at any old space time. Just type Aquarian Moons in the search field.

After taking my space craft in for a good tune up  I decided to see how it ran. So being it was lunchtime in the solar system, I burnt some rubber over to Plutonian Pete's Plutonian Picnic Buffet on Charon, Pluto's largest moon, deep within the Serenity Chasma. While there I received a message from another hybrid alien life form that my music has gone to college on Earth! I said, 'What!?' So, I read on. U.R. and the B.F.A.P. and U.R.S have both been playing on a playlist of a music radio show from the radio station at the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point, Wi.!  

So, here's  the radio stations info and  the albums names on an abbreviated version of the playlist: 

WWSP JAZZ / WORLD / PLUS    Report for week of 9/15/19 - 9/22/19

WWSP 90fm

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

30,000 Watts


Russ Haines                                                                                                 

Jazz/World Music Director


1608 Reserve Street

Stevens Point, WI. 54481


PLUS = Music that fits multiple formats at WWSP

4 Sponge – Demoed in Detroit 1997-98 – Cleopatra Records

4 Pat Travers – Swing! – Purple Pyramid Records

4 AJ True - Soundtrack/Jirga – LST Records

3 Uncle Roy & the Band from Another Planet – Save The Universe – Self-Released

3 Uncle Roy’s Spaceship – How Do We Get To Earth? – Roys Alien Music

5 Various – Acoustic Women – Putumayo

8 Various – Just Around The Bend: Survival & Revival In Southern Banjo Sounds – Smithsonian Folkways

5 Joe Louis Walker – Viva Las Vegas Live – Cleopatra Blues

4 Zess – Magma – Seventh Records


Well, when I finished my out of this world sweet treat at Pete's I took a few wormholes and was home in minutes...BTW, my space craft is flying oh so smoothly!!!


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