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Hello and Happy Holidays to all Earthlydians, Hybrid Alien Life Forms and others on this world and throughout the cosmos, 2019!

Now, recently I received a transmission of 4 new, very wild and highly imaginative reviews about the EP's, 'Save the Universe'and 'How Do We Get To Earth?.' I'm sure the humanoids who penned these reviews are hybrid alien lifeforms who love music, just like me and a few of you who are reading this!!!👽🎼👽 Two of the reviews are originally in French and required the Google Translator to decipher the text. So, some of the words may have been translated a little strangely. Here are the links to them all:

Below is the review from the first link above...
Uncle Roy's Spaceship

How Do We Get to Earth?

Review by Gary Hill

This EP is short. That works well for the music contained here.  This stuff is quite free-form and all instrumental. It's decidedly guitar based, with noodleing all over it.  That formula can get old pretty quickly, so the "less is more" approach serves this set well. The music ranges from Rock In Opposition sounds to space rock and fusion. 

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2019  Volume 6 at

Track by Track Review

Space Noodlein'
Percussion brings this into being. It fires out from there into a powerhouse fusion styled jam. Don't get too comfortable, though, because this is built around all kinds of rapid-fire shifts and turns. This is complex, dramatic and surprising. The musicianship is awe-inspiring, too.

Moonbeams and the Cosmic Bang
This is not as crazed as the opener was. It has a mellower kind of space rock vibe to it. There is some tasty instrumental work. It lands somewhere in a zone between fusion and space rock in terms of styles. It turns harder-edged further down the road, getting quite intense and powerful.

There Is Nothing More Bright Than the Stars at Night
Built on some almost King Crimson like textures in the backdrop, the guitar creates a noisy exploration over the top. It's quite freeform in nature. Some later sections reinforce the King Crimson element, though.

It's a Beautiful Day in the Milky Way
A cool space meets fusion jam is on display here.

Flight of the Ancient Alien
 This is a solid jam, too.  You get the general idea from the other tracks, though, guitar noodleing creates the main interest. This set ends after less than twenty-five minutes with this piece.

Step Out Of The Realm Of Normalcy With New Music From Uncle Roy


At the beginning of the month, we received two debut albums from "cosmic" singer/songwriter Roy Herman, better known as Uncle Roy. One of the new releases features his Band From Another Planet and the other has you climbing aboard Uncle Roy's Spaceship.


Uncle Roy & The Band From Another Planet are here to "Save The Universe" with a new five-song EP that mixes together many musical genres, like hard rock, classical and pop music to keep you guessing on what path comes next. They start things off with the progressive, high-energy nature of "Cosmic Happiness" and your journey begins with this classic sounding space rock number. The Band From Another Planet showcase their more graceful side with the gentle ballad "A World Of Miracles," before closing out their short, new release with the raw, psychedelic rock of "Father Time" and the full band, sonic blast of "It Doesn't Really Matter."


On the flipside, we get the new five-song EP from Uncle Roy's Spaceship asking "How Do We Get To Earth?." Uncle Roy experiments even further into the realm of chaos, blending tempos and style to create a unique listening experience. The album begins with the guitar frenzy of "Space Noodlin'," before the hard rock space trip beyond "Moonbeams And Cosmic Bang" takes you on a journey that breaks down the walls of sound with this sci-fi adventure. This other short, new release wraps up your trip with the progressive rock appeal of "It's A Beautiful Day In The Milky Way" and the more aggressive nature of "Flight Of The Ancient Alien." As Uncle Roy continues to reach further out into the cosmos for new musical ideas, be sure to check out these new releases. To find out more about Uncle Roy and his musical adventures, please visit

Uncle Roy and the Band from Another Planet

Title - 'Save the Universe' [EP]
Artist - Uncle Roy and the Band from Another Planet


Uncle Roy and the Band from Another Planet's brand new Save the Universe 5-track EP is the very first release from the prog rock artist and was released on September 1st, 2019.


Chock full of wide open, and delicious spacious goodness, the five alternative rock-pop rock vocal tunes range from sweet and ethereal, to a heavy blend of rock, alternative rock, classical rock, progressive rock, power pop rock and modern, pop rock music.


1. 'Cosmic Happiness' (5:21)
2. 'The Isle of Riff on the World of Tone' (4:10)
3. 'A World of Miracles' (4:13)
4. 'Father Time' (5:42)
5. 'It Doesn't Really Matter' (4:38)


Kicking things off nicely with the atmospheric fun '70s-esque rocker 'Cosmic Happiness,' we're soon into the echo chambered dark rock hole of 'The Isle of Riff on the World of Tone,' with the ethereal, and highly philosophical 'A World of Miracles' along next.


Containing a wondrous collection of stories within the thoughtful lyrics, all the abovementioned musical influences come to the fore throughout this quite magnificent new EP.


We next get the immersive trance-pop power of a song dedicated to the importance of time, 'Father Time,' with the EP rounding out with the thumping, driving, preachin', talk-singin' chorus-baked cut, 'It Doesn't Really Matter.'


Uncle Roy says, “For 'Save The Universe' I wanted to create a set of tunes that were not one style of rock or just heavy or just light. I wanted to have some of the musical ingredients, from several rock stylings, within the scope of the music."


"I wanted the recipe for this project to be more universal, with a mix of rock genres. Therefore, each tune has its own musical and lyrical difference and character from the others. There is soft guitar and screaming guitar."

"There are dreamy, orchestral keyboards to, thick, and rockin' keyboards. The drums may lightly and tightly groove for a section of a tune and then, be pounding. The bass will be subtle at times and then, sometimes big and fat."

"Vocally, you will find the voices of the songs going from the mellow and grand to heavy rock to a little, talk-singin' and preachin'. For every letter of the alphabet, there is a musical influence that has manipulated my musical, genetic makeup, over a few light years."


"The world's music is broad, cultural, always evolving and it is what influences me musically, as well, all the time.”

Included with the physical CD is a beautiful 8-page booklet filled with fun, sci-fi stories and thoughts, pictures, song descriptions and lyrics written by Uncle Roy.

There is also a cool, inventive and “top secret” alien photo file attached to the CD of Alien Uncle Roy!


CD Baby Purchase Link

Uncle Roy's Alien Music @ Facebook

Uncle Roys Spaceship


Title - 'How Do We Get to Earth?' [EP]
Artist - Uncle Roys Spaceship


Uncle Roy's Spaceship's How Do We Get to Earth? is a 5-track EP and the very first instrumental release for the band, released on September 2nd, 2019.


The music is a progressive, instrumental recipe of several genres of rock music, blending time signatures and tempos, within instrumental rock, progressive rock, fusion, classical rock, space rock, jazz rock and other cosmic sounds; at this moment in space and time.


Furthermore, there is a galaxy of musical influences from many light years of playing, that you can hear within the sounds.


1. 'Space Noodlein' (3:26)
2. 'Moonbeams and the Cosmic Bang' (6:31)
3. 'There Is Nothing More Bright Than the Stars at Night' (4:04)
4. 'It's a Beautiful Day in the Milky Way' (4:10)
5. 'Flight of the Ancient Alien' (3:51)


Sometimes the soundscapes will be light and breezy and dreamy. And sometimes the soundscapes will be heavy, thick and creamy! Indeed, some tunes may have a bit of both, with a sprinkling or splashing of other musical textures and moods from soft to intense.


Uncle Roy kicks things into gear here immediately on the effervescent, speeding train dangerously close to derailing six string jammin' rocker 'Space Noodlelin' and backs that up seamlessly with the longest track of the five, the near seven minute harmonious, thoughtful, and ultimately progressive metal rock cut 'Moonbeams and the Cosmic Bang.'


Next up is the searing fusion guitar instrumental 'There Is Nothing More Bright Than the Stars at Night,' with rhythmic, soft guitar notes of 'It's a Beautiful Day in the Milky Way' backing it, before the EP rounds out with the pacey, energetic, anthemic prog rock of 'Flight of the Ancient Alien.'


Uncle Roy says, “I love instrumental music! From soloists to small groups to orchestral instrumentals, through a variety of music, the dynamic sensitivities within instrumental music makes me feel a rollercoaster of sensations and emotions!!!"


"So, I thought that creating a project of some tunes with the ingredients of a few instrumental rock music genres together, would be fun!"

"Instrumental rock, progressive rock, fusion, spacey rock, classical rock and jazz rock are all a part of the music in, 'How Do We Get To Earth?'"

"There are moments of soft, sweetness and moments of roaring and throbbing sounds. There are cruising, floating rhythms that groove and heavier, driving rhythms that rock. The dreamy and bright soundscape moments will make you drift."


"Each tune has a different mood, feeling, atmosphere and style from the others.”


CD Baby Purchase Link

Uncle Roy's Alien Music @ Facebook


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UNCLE ROY & the Band from Another Planet/Save the Universe: Freak space rock for minds that want to explore the cosmos in the most skewed way. When guitar leads the way, you can't get too lost but this makes classic Hawkwind seem like standard top 40 fare. 

UNCLE ROY'S SPACESHIP/How do we Get to Earth? Taking a cue from Zappa's Jazz from Hell, this guitar excursion through outer space and prog realms provides just a little less amphetamine buzz than "Metal Machine Music". Peaches en regalia ala mode anyone? A must for guitar freaks that like it loud and proud. 


Save The Universe by Uncle Roy & the Band From Another Planet and How Do We Get To Earth by Uncle Roy’s Spaceship

September 2, 2019oasisentertainmentblog

Cosmic Guitarist & Songwriter Roy Herman To Release Two Debut Albums – Uncle Roy & The Band From Another Planet “Save The Universe” & Uncle Roy’s Spaceship“How Do We Get To Earth to be released on September 1st and 2nd.  UNCLE ROY AND THE BAND FROM ANOTHER PLANET “SAVE THE UNIVERSE” 5-song EP is the very first release for U.R. and the B.F.A.P and will be released on September 1, 2019. The five, alternative rock-pop rock vocal tunes, range from sweet and ethereal, to a heavy blend of rock, alternative rock, classical rock, progressive rock, power pop-rock and modern, pop-rock music featuring the tracks Cosmic Happiness, The Isle Of Riff On The World Of Tone, A World Of Miracles, Father Time and It Doesn’t Really Matter. UNCLE ROY’S SPACESHIP “HOW DO WE GET TO EARTH?” is a 5-song EP and the very first instrumental release for Uncle Roy’s Spaceship and will be released on September 2, 2019. The music is a progressive, instrumental recipe of several genres of rock music, blending time signatures and tempos, within instrumental rock, progressive rock, fusion, classical rock, space rock, jazz-rock and other cosmic sounds, at this moment in space and time which features the tracks Space Noodlein’, Moonbeams And Cosmic Bang, There Is Nothing More Bright Than The Stars At Night, It’s A Beautiful Day In the Milky Way and Flight Of Ancient Alien.  Both Albums was well written, performed, recorded and produced and is available from Itunes, CD Baby, and other music outlets.  You can learn more about this band, their music and tour by going to their website

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