Hello and Happy Holidays to all Earthlydians, Hybrid Alien Life Forms and others on this world and throughout the cosmos, 2019!

Now, recently I received a transmission of 4 new, very wild and highly imaginative reviews about the EP's, 'Save the Universe'and 'How Do We Get To Earth?.' I'm sure the humanoids who penned these reviews are hybrid alien lifeforms who love music, just like me and a few of you who are reading this!!!👽🎼👽 Two of the reviews are originally in French and required the Google Translator to decipher the text. So, some of the words may have been translated a little strangely. Here are the links to them all:

Below is the review from the first link above...
Uncle Roy's Spaceship

How Do We Get to Earth?

Review by Gary Hill

This EP is short. That works well for the music contained here.  This stuff is quite free-form and all instrumental. It's decidedly guitar based, with noodleing all over it.  That formula can get old pretty quickly, so the "less is more" approach serves this set well. The music ranges from Rock In Opposition sounds to space rock and fusion. 

This review is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2019  Volume 6 at lulu.com/strangesound.

Track by Track Review

Space Noodlein'
Percussion brings this into being. It fires out from there into a powerhouse fusion styled jam. Don't get too comfortable, though, because this is built around all kinds of rapid-fire shifts and turns. This is complex, dramatic and surprising. The musicianship is awe-inspiring, too.

Moonbeams and the Cosmic Bang
This is not as crazed as the opener was. It has a mellower kind of space rock vibe to it. There is some tasty instrumental work. It lands somewhere in a zone between fusion and space rock in terms of styles. It turns harder-edged further down the road, getting quite intense and powerful.

There Is Nothing More Bright Than the Stars at Night
Built on some almost King Crimson like textures in the backdrop, the guitar creates a noisy exploration over the top. It's quite freeform in nature. Some later sections reinforce the King Crimson element, though.

It's a Beautiful Day in the Milky Way
A cool space meets fusion jam is on display here.

Flight of the Ancient Alien
 This is a solid jam, too.  You get the general idea from the other tracks, though, guitar noodleing creates the main interest. This set ends after less than twenty-five minutes with this piece.


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